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Do You Believe in Donor Love and Appreciation?

April 12, 2016

By Beth Ann Locke

Beth Ann Locke video image

Do you believe that thanking donors  (that exchange of appreciation between the supporter and the nonprofit) is the best next step together in the donor journey? Would you like to experiment and try some "out-of-the-box" thinking and thanking around donor love and stewardship?

If you would like to channel some of that passion into thanking supporters of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada, then I’d like you to join me as part of the AFP Gratitude Gang!

I’m Beth Ann Locke, and I serve as the chair of the Stewardship Committee of the AFP Canada Board. I’m looking for AFP members, from every province and territory, who know we can do a better job at offering appreciation, thanks and gratitude to AFP donors. I’m looking for 50 – 100 colleagues who want to help make a difference and bring forward fresh ideas and understand current best practices.

If you are willing to:

  • share ideas;
  • invest your time in thanking 5 – 15 donors a year; and
  • work on a shoestring budget

Then I would LOVE to have you join the Gratitude Gang! I’m hoping to have at least one person from every chapter – true representation across Canada! Email me,, with your interest so we can set up a chat. Thanks so much!

Beth Ann Locke is a philanthropy evangelist and a tireless fan of connecting donors to their dreams. She believes that relationships are the key to all we do. During her career, Beth Ann has worked with supporters to raise tens of millions for causes and projects near to their hearts. Twice a year she co-hosts The Gratitude Camp, where fundraisers learn to better share appreciation and gratitude with their donors. Mother, daughter, sister, spouse, she is a native of Seattle and now lives in Vancouver, B.C., where she is director of advancement for Simon Fraser University.