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Poll Shows Signs of Optimism in Fundraising Salaries

May 4, 2010

Nearly one third of fundraisers said recently that they predict their total compensation will increase this year. However, nearly half of respondents said their salaries will likely stay the same.

The data comes from an informal poll on AFP's website. The Quick Poll conducted from January to February asked people if they think they will be paid less, more, or about the same in 2010. The poll had 854 responses.

The vast majority of respondents predict they will make the same amount of money or more this year (77 percent). Only 10 percent predicted that they will be paid less.

Quick Poll Results

Do you anticipate your total compensation in 2010 will:

Increase - 31 percent
Decrease - 10 percent
Stay the same - 46 percent
Uncertain - 6 percent
Currently unemployed - 6 percent